New book for franchisors is available for download


The path of educating business society on franchising matters is followed by the third book written and published in Lithuania – “Franchisor’s business: the beginning”.

By publishing this book Lithuanian franchising center is getting closer to having complete collection of methodical publications covering all aspects of franchising. First book “Franchising manual”, published in 2008, were aimed to give general public a crash-course on basics of franchising. Second book “Buying a franchise – highway to business success”, published in 2011, was created as a guide for prospective franchisees through the process of acquiring a franchise.

Third book “Franchisor’s business: the beginning” is designed for those who are willing to step into franchising and start a franchisor’s business. This is a step-by-step guide for prospective and current franchisors with exclusive focus on the franchisor’s business model and ideology of franchisor’s business.

Electronic versions of the book “Franchisor’s business: the beginning” in English, Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian are available for download from here. Paper version of this book is also available and could be claimed at Lithuanian franchising center or strategic development consulting firm ADVANCED ADVICE.

You could also download books “Franchising manual” and “Buying a franchise – highway to business success” from here.


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