Franchise Expo Paris 2015 Report


Franchise Expo Paris 2015 has come to an end and the FRANCHISE HUB team is excited to share with our readers some of the insights from one of the largest international franchising events in the world.

Over 500 exhibitors and franchising experts presented their exciting and unique concepts, covering more than 90 different sectors. The show presented over  100 new and innovative concepts, ranging from the more traditional sectors, such as fashion and catering, to newer franchise trends such as fitness coaching, water biking and activities, street food and indoor trampoline arenas. Also, brands from more than 20 different countries worldwide were present at the event, thus solidifying Franchise Expo Paris as one of the largest international franchising events in the world. 

Talking about visitors, more than 35 500 ready to invest entrepreneurs and business people from five different continents of the world visited this year’s  Franchise Expo Paris.

Visitor’s were also treated to over 100 conferences and workshops during which both local and international franchising gurus and experts shared their knowledge, experience and insights from the franchising world.

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