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CHARLIE PIZZA offers European cuisine to all lovers of pizza, salad, pasta and other dishes in a pleasant atmosphere combined with modern and cosy interior.

It is a restaurant for every one irrespective of age and education.

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We see franchising as a joint and uniform business where Franchisor is responsible for the development and maintenance of a trademark, business model and training, while Franchisee is responsible for the compliance with the set processes and procedures investments into restaurant and organisation of business activities. Both owned and franchised restaurants adhere to the same principles of business organisation, marketing and pricing policies, and ensure equally high levels of quality in the services provided.


Established in 1994, AMBER FOOD, UAB is one of the largest restaurant network management company in the Baltic countries. In 2012, the AMBER FOOD nearly doubled its turnover which amounted to EUR 21,4 million. The company employs more than 1,300 people. Today AMBER FOOD owns such trademarks as CHARLIE PIZZA, LA CREPE, CARSKOJE SELO, KATPĖDĖLĖ, MANAMI, BEER GARDEN, DAS BOOT and a total of 50 restaurants, of which 47 are in Lithuania and 3 in Latvia.


CHARLIE PIZZA offers European cuisine to all lovers of pizza, salad, pasta and other dishes in a pleasant atmosphere combined with modern and cosy interior.

It is a restaurant for every one irrespective of age and education.

You can find CHARLIE PIZZA restaurants in many cities and towns of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, Alytus, Utena, Mažeikiai, Radviliškis, Jonava and Plungė. In 2011, the first CHARLIE PIZZA opened in Riga, Latvia.

Our mission is to offer our customers delicious pizzas and other dishes in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere which is as enjoyable as watching a great movie in a good theatre.

The target group of CHARLIE PIZZA is urban residents from 15 to 35, with average and lower-than-average income, for example, students, working youth, young families.

CHARLIE PIZZA is to satisfy your wishes!


AMBER FOOD grants franchises only in cities and localities where it does not have its own restaurants. By acquiring an AMBER FOOD restaurant franchise, a Franchisee must be fully aware that business success largely depends Franchisee’s business skills and efforts, rather than on the Franchisor. Considering Franchisees as partners, AMBER FOOD raises quite strict requirements to them.

Potential Franchisees shall:

  • have the possibility to finance the fit-out of restaurants with their own funds;
  • be of an irreproachable repute;
  • have experience in running a business or performing in executive positions;
  • be entrepreneurial and honest.


Because it is a strong brand which has proven its advantages.

In addition, the Franchisor shall provide:

  • Franchise Operations Manual, which includes:
  1. organisation and implementation of supplies and deliveries management processes,
  2. formation of product range,
  3. food technology processes and procedures,
  4. organisation and implementation of customer service processes,
  5. human resources management,
  6. marketing,
  7. daily operations,
  8. food safety assurance,
  9. other issues;
  • training;
  • processes and procedures required for business organisation and maintenance;
  • raw material supply chain;
  • premise choosing consultations;
  • marketing support;
  • designer services (for extra fee);
  • other assistance required in relation to restaurant business.

The Franchisor shall not provide the following services to Franchisees:

  • lending of funds for investments or working capital;
  • joint ventures setting.


Requirements for restaurant premises:

  • 250 – 350 sq. m area (of which 80-90 sq. m should be for kitchen and auxiliary facilities);
  • Electricity – min. 80 kW;
  • Possibility to install ventilation systems in accordance with the valid hygiene standards;
  • Min. 2.5 metres ceiling height;
  • Extra emergency exit.

Recommendations for restaurant premises:

  • 1st floor;
  • Space for an outdoor terrace;
  • Place for car parking;
  • Location with existing passenger flows: main streets or shopping centres;
  • Building free of residential premises.


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