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PIZZA SMILE - a restaurant that is both modern and unique in it's format, that is happily serving the people of Belarus and is planning for further international expansion. 

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Pizza chain PIZZA SMILE for more than 3 years has happily served the people in Belarus with its cozy and modern style interior, speedy service and attentive staff that is able to create a comfortable environment and atmosphere for each guest. Selection of food and beverages attract the a variety of people and for very reasonable prices.

The pizzeria serves delicious pizza and pasta cooked in the best Italian traditions. For fans of European cuisine, the restaurant has a wide selection of appetizers, soups, main courses of meat, poultry and fish cooked on the grill. Also, in all the places of the PIZZA SMILE franchise network traditional Japanese cuisine is served as well as delicious and hearty lunches.

When becoming a part of the PIZZA SMILE "Family", you will get:

  • the right to use the registered trademark PIZZA SMILE,
  • organization of the activities under the brand, who won the loyalty of the Belarusian consumers,
  • financial plan from a certain point of recoupment,
  • support at all stages of the activity,
  • recommendations when selecting a site,
  • the initial training of the franchisee on the basis of existing PIZZA SMILE restaurants,
  • provision of a "Guide of doing business," describes in detail the algorithms for maintaining the restaurant business, both at the start and during the entire period of operation,
  • operational advice on all matters of activity,
  • monitoring the quality of products and services, making recommendations to improve the service in the restaurants franchisees,
  • the possibility of the equity of the franchisor in the negotiations of the franchise terms,
  • perhaps the provision of credit to the organization in terms of franchising PIZZA SMILE.


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