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Restaurant chain YAMKEE demonstrates a new look at the pan-Asian cuisine. The unique concept was introduced into the Russian market in 2012. The food in boxes has long earned the United States and Europe, and Asian noodles today becomes part of everyday life in Russia.

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Pan-Asian cuisine - a new gastronomic trend, causing interest among gourmets and lovers of new taste sensations. This kitchen with authentic dishes absorbed the specifics of various culinary trends of the Asian region. YAMKEE presents a new perspective on Pan-Asian cuisine. This unique concept combines the taste of food and speed of preparation. Each meal is made from high quality traditional ingredients of pan-Asian cuisine. YAMKEE - a network of pan-Asian cuisine restaurants that focus on high quality and customer service standards.  In this restaurant, you get what you always wanted to try.

Guests choose a side dish - noodles or rice - and adds to it any of the proposed finished filling - meat, chicken, vegetables or soy sprouts in various sauces. Order immediately warmed up and the dish can take with you to the office or home. Unlike typical outlets selling ready meal in YAMKEE not used technology deep frying deep-fried ingredients, which means that the dishes are not only delicious YAMKEE, but also useful. The restaurants concept is based on five basic principles: centralized production, unique recipes, perfect quality, speed and ease of use, light-weight requirements for the placement - all to discover new points of the network as in the food courts of shopping malls, and in the office - Business buildings, airports, schools and nuclear power plants.

The company plans in the second half of 2014 - the opening of a new format of restaurants. Now the guest will be able to assemble the dish with your favorite ingredients to your liking. Simply select basis - one of the 5 types of noodles or 2 kinds of rice, filler - meat, fish or vegetable, one of the 9 kinds of sauces and pick up as their favorite dishes raisin toppings of nuts, mushrooms, soy sprouts, pineapple or sesame dishes prepared in the open kitchen at vokah, so guest can watch the process of cooking. On the menu will also be presented hot appetizers - spring rolls, Gyoza, Dim sama, tempura dishes, hot Asian Ban Mi sandwiches. real duck and chicken Peking with noodles or rice to choose from. as well as an updated range of soups and salads, and Japanese cuisine. YAMKEE - the most popular dishes of pan-Asian cuisine! 

What does YAMKEE offer for prospective franchisees?

  • solid image and stable network of restaurant business,
  • public recognition and an excellent reputation,
  • the right to use the famous brand: trademark logo, corporate identity,
  • provision of finished business system working successfully on world standards,
  • the unique concept restaurants, working in several formats,
  • comprehensive support from throughout the term of the contract,
  • marketing and advertising support federal scale,
  • favourable conditions for working with suppliers of equipment and goods,
  • training of restaurants all the principles and standards network management in a specialized training centre.

All of our dishes are made at a factory in Thailand from natural and fresh products. We use a light roasting ingredients and modern a quick blast freezing technology that lets you save products fresh, with a maximum number of useful and vitamins. Blast Freezer - it is a special kind of saving almost any food that can be achieved in placing them freezers, where they are processed low temperature for a short time.

Among the main principles of our brand

  • legendary wealth of Asian cuisine noodle / rice and sauce fillers highly availability,
  • the speed, quality and availability,
  • healthy diet in the format of Fast-food,
  • consumption on the spot, ordering take-out and / or delivery, available in different formats and concept placements,
  • network pan-Asian cuisine YAMKEE - successfully operating and evolving concept prove its viability, as well as ready for transmission and replication of other entrepreneurs.

Main requirements for YAMKEE restaurant

  • the central part of the city,
  • convenient access to vehicles,
  • stand Alone or Attached building,
  • shopping centres,
  • it is advisable to first floor,
  • have premises property or long-term lease,
  • area 20 m2,
  • the electrical power of 40 kW,
  • sewerage,
  • central Heating,
  • water 6-8 cubic meters / day,
  • loading and unloading area.


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