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ELKI-PALKI for the past two decades has been a leader in the segment of Russian national cuisine and is a symbol of high quality food and healthy eating. This is the only restaurant segment of the democratic national cuisine format table service. The first restaurant chain was opened in 1996 and immediately became popular among Russians and foreigners. Potential partners have a unique opportunity to purchase a franchise successful business model with Russian family restaurant traditions in a budget segment. A new and exciting perspective on the best traditions of Russian cuisine!

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ELKI-PALKI quickly became the number one brand in the segment of Russian national cuisine, a symbol of high quality and healthy food. Reflecting the cultural traditions of Russian cuisine, it is well loved by millions of people, instantly recognizable not only within the borders of Russia, but other countries as well.

The first restaurant ELKI-PALKI was opened in 1996, where during the first days of work it was a great success with visitors. Since then it was always increasing in demand and gave reason to open a second restaurant, then the third... Network grew quickly in Moscow and was opening several restaurants per year.


All ELKI-PALKI restaurants are decorated in colourful Russian style. Most of the first restaurants had styling of peasant houses with massive tables and benches, a clay oven, utensils and samovars, surrounded by fence with golden dishes and spreading oaks. Now they are more like noble estates or charming country cottages.


A lot of variety is available in ELKI-PALKI restaurants. One of the key features in these restaurants is salad bar "Cart" offering cold snacks, traditional pickles, vegetables and all kinds of salads. This format "buffet" offers with an unlimited number of approaches to salads and is in great demand among users. In most restaurants, both "Carts" located on the Russian stove that finally gave the Russian feel to ELKI-PALKI.

The varied menu puts emphasis on home cooking, natural and healthy nutrition. Technological process of cooking meets all the modern requirements, a lot of attention is paid to the quality of initial products. There is a wide selection of delicious and healthy dishes to satisfy the needs of all gastronomic preferences.

The secret of success is not only in quality Russian cuisine. The unique atmosphere attracts guests to ELKI-PALKI restaurants where they can come to like home and always count on quality service, excellent dishes and warm Russian hospitality!


  • the central part of the city,
  • convenient access to vehicles,
  • streets with high pedestrian traffic,
  • shopping centres,
  • it is advisable to first floor,
  • have premises property or long-term lease,
  • area of 200-350 m2,
  • loading and unloading area,
  • it is an opportunity organizing summer playground.


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