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SOYA – the exclusive recipe for success.

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A wave of preference for healthy food and culinary search and discovery is rolling across the world. We take more and more interest in our nutrition, have more courage to try new dishes and beverages, and TV shows with the most famous chefs in them are almost as popular as broadcasts of important sports events. Survey data shows that both in the world and in Lithuania Far Eastern cuisines are associated with healthy diet habits, discovery of exotic and unexpected flavours, and nourishing meals that are still easily digested. This opinion is substantiated by academic research as well: it was established that when people eat with chopsticks instead of a fork they consume one-third less food amount in average, eat slower, and feel full for a longer time. Far Eastern cuisine perfectly combines modern tendencies of public catering and opens broad door into the world of new culinary discoveries.

Eastern cuisines are highly popular in many European countries and have great unused potential in Lithuania. Market share occupied by them differs from a few to more than dozen times in comparison to other EU countries.

SOYA franchise

SOYA franchise is an opportunity to use the long-standing experience of Čili, the largest restaurant network in the Baltic states, together. New Čili restaurants open their doors in various towns every year.

We are the pioneering and the most popular Asian Fusion restaurant network on the market providing exceptional experience for our guests and the most desirable place of employment to our colleagues sharing the same vision. SOYA restaurants’ mission is to create a friendly and cosy atmosphere where all guests would feel welcome and be able to enjoy delicious food and great time. Our goal is the long-lasting loyalty of our customers, stable business model, and surplus value to our shareholders.

Four SOYA Cuisines

Asian Fusion restaurants provide an opportunity for our guests to enjoy several cuisines of Far Eastern countries in one place under the same roof. Although they are linked by the common culinary tradition, each of them is unique and has exceptional food preparation traditions that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

SOYA restaurants harmoniously unite the cuisines of four countries – China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand – in one place.

It is important for us to ensure that our guests leave their tables feeling happy, content, and having tasted a part of the flavour of Far Eastern cultures. When we serve fresh Asian Fusion meals, we always hope to bring our guests the joy of food. We included the best dishes of four countries in our menu and accommodated them to European liking: we will introduce you to Asia with gentleness and subtlety. Moreover, wine experts matched the dishes with beverages that bring out the best food flavour, and the dishes allow the wine to stand out.

‘We, the staff of SOYA restaurant, greet guests of the restaurant as family members. We hope that fresh and original food of Eastern countries prepared by us will allow you to immerse yourselves briefly in the pleasant ritual and feel the joy of food.’

Yu Chen, SOYA chef

Harmonious attitude to the environment characteristic to nations of East and Southeast Asia transfuses food preparation traditions as well. Eastern philosophy accentuates respect for the guest and warm welcome. Refined Asian Fusion dishes combining the finest traditions of Far Eastern cuisines and at the same time leading into the new modern world of eastern flavours are the pride of SOYA restaurants.

  • Chinese. Ancient Chinese philosophy used to put special meaning to number 5. It also manifests itself in the Chinese cuisine: five grain crops are distinguished, five types of meet, five scents, five flavours, five colours. SOYA kitchen masters prepare the Wall of China salad combining those elements. It is the pride of the restaurant and the entire Chinese cuisine as well. Ideally matching ingredients are the secret of success of this dish. It is the mouth-watering cocktail of chicken and shrimps with chopped cucumbers and carrots, classic soy noodles and sesame seeds, topped up with a hot sweet and sour sauce pleasantly tickling the tongue. Chinese cuisine can also be proud of unforgettable chicken dishes Gong Bao and Guo Bao.
  • Japanese. Japanese claim that food must be consumed with eyes and compare food preparation to the artistic expression. This cuisine features plenty of seafood and fresh fish, and traditional dishes are Japanese soy soup Miso shiru and sushi. Soy sauce and soybean puree, rice vinegar, wasabi, sweet rice wine Mirin sauce, and traditional rice wine Sake are popular in the entire region. You can enjoy special Asian Fusion Tartar dishes in the SOYA restaurant. Another masterpiece born from the synthesis of Asian and other world cuisines are warm sushi rolls melting in one’s mouth. After trying those dishes, you will never remain impassive towards the flavour of Far Eastern cuisine.
  • Korean. According to the Korean tradition, one utensil is used for both eating and drinking. This is the so-called expression of love and friendship CHON. Red hot peppers frequently used in Korean cuisine provide spiciness to dishes of this country. One of the most popular traditional dishes is kimchi. For those who like spicier sensations and adrenaline, we recommend trying tasty kimchi salad prepared from Chinese cabbage pickled in a special way sprinkled with hot paprika spices. Roasted chicken, pork, or soybean curd can be added for flavour to this salad.
  • Thai. It is a common tradition in this country to share fragrant food placed on the table. Hot, unique flavours and abundance of spices and coconut milk are characteristic to this cuisine. Whether or not the dish is spicy or rather mild, Thai cuisine retains the harmony of ingredients. Do you want to feel some of Thai exotics? Then the chef of SOYA restaurant recommends special coconut milk soup Tom Kha Kai with juicy chicken, champignons, fresh cherry tomatoes, and broccoli.


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