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Out of school education for children and adults that offers “Swiss Quality Education” with tried and tested educational strategy. The company has seen international growth based the successful principles of offering one-to-one or small-group educational training for mathematics, physics, chemistry and all standard languages, with the support capability to achieve international success. 

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Having founded their first tuition centre in Switzerland in 1999, Stephan and Rose-Marie Nüesch built it into the country's market leader with over 50 franchised schools, helping tens of thousands of students to go on to higher education and providing employment for hundreds of tutors.

"Intensive research has shown that there is a demand for private tuition as a complement to schooling in almost all parts of the world," says Stephan Nüesch, CEO. "That is why, in 2012, we decided to franchise our successful business concept in the worldwide growing education market at international level.”

Tcollege's main market is assisting pupils who are aiming for efficient and permanent improvement or stabilisation of their grades in one or more subjects or who need to close gaps in their knowledge. It offers a range of course types to suit different students' needs and learning styles, including:

  • SOS training to prepare for upcoming tests,
  • Learning skills for pupils who need to gain confidence in the classroom and in exams,
  • Holiday courses offering the perfect mixture of subject repetition, closing gaps in knowledge and gaining skills in independent learning, and
  • Compact language courses which provide rapid and focused learning of a new language for business or personal use.

Tcollege's well-established and modern teaching methods are kept fully up to date with the latest developments in the science of education. A three-level system has been designed to permanently correct deficiencies in school work and learning skills. Set lesson plans for the tutoring sessions provide reassurance; clear lesson content is easier for the pupil to learn, it is combined with other new knowledge and applied successfully. While achievements increase, so does the motivation and self­ confidence in relation to educational skills.

"More and more pupils use tutoring at least once in the course of their school career. Many pupils only require short-term assistance; others need longer-term professional support to consciously work towards good grades. Tcollege's aim is to stop children feeling out of depth at school and to help them regain confidence. To achieve this, we base our work on a tried and tested educational strategy which starts with an extensive personal consultation to find the best and most effective solution." – Stephan Nüesch. 

For potential franchisees

The Tcollege teaching institutes are run independently by our partners as part of the Tcollege partner model. As a result, TCollege is always looking for dedicated partners who are ready to take the brave step of becoming independent. With their step-by-step partner model, you will be introduced to your new role with care.

"We are looking for entrepreneur-minded people to act as country representatives. With the support provided through our Master Franchise package, independent entrepreneurs will build a national franchise network of Tcollege operations proving accompanying school tutoring in growth education markets."


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