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The Kase is an international brand specialising in fashionable and customised mobile phone and tablet accessories.

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Launched in France in 2012, The Kase boutiques have appeared at all corners of the globe. We believe in being unique (or UNIK) and this has defined our brand concept of offering exclusive collections created by our community designers and in-store personalisation. Our mission is to make all your products UNIK by reflecting your personality, mood, or quite simply whoever you want to be.

This can be done with The Kase ID, which offers you the chance to customise most smartphone or tablet cases. Each boutique has a customisation workshop consisting of a high-performance industrial machine, where you can see your UNIK creation come true. This executes their 3 pillars of The Kase concept:

  • Branded products
  • Exclusive collections
  • In store personalisation

All the products are of high quality and presented at affordable prices with a wide customer target range.

The Kase is recognised for its fashionable and customisable gadget accessories, but what the brand celebrates are unique individuality and creativity, reflected through its characteristic cases.

The style-savvy label provides designers from all over the globe (over 3,000 designers and counting) mobile and tablet covers as platforms for their exclusive and signature works. Many designers are getting the recognition they deserve.

The smartphone and tablet accessory market is the fastest growing market around the world with 800 million smartphones sold in 2014 and an estimated 1.6 billion sold in 2016.

The Kase is turning this worldwide opportunity from a commodity market (poor and boring designs) to a fashion accessory industry where customers is enjoying repeat purchases like in the fashion industry to match the trend and match their ever changing mood and taste. This leads to the uniqueness of The Kase business opportunity:

    • Unique offer with in store customization in 15 minutes of any device
      • 75% gross margin for the partner
        • Fashion accessory concept that brings repeat purchases and loyal customers
          • High level of technology and innovation in the tools and the product range
            • Fastest growing segment around the world
              • Everyone is a potential customer, irrespective of aspects such as age or gender
                • Low investment (capex) with high return
                  • Everything is provided (softwares, equipments, training, products, merchandising, ect)
                    • Very easy execution
                      • High quality training and support

                        The Kase has opened 140 company owned stores in 5 countries in 15 months and is offering a franchise opportunity in every country.

                        For potential franchisees

                        The Kase provides full training around the world – Europe, USA, or Singapore. One full week training course to master the concept, equipment and technology and also an online wiki or iphone/ipad application to help the partner to keep up with all the necessary information to successfully run the business unit.

                        The ideal investor is an experienced retailer with the financial capacity to develop his country in 3 years. The investor has to be able to quickly open stores and establish a strong presence of the brand in premium locations.


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