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Steak'n'Shake is a classic American company with more than 80 years of experience in the premium segment of the burgers, fries and milkshakes. Excellent raw materials quality, fresh french fries and all products are cooked and made to order. It covers a market niche that does not exist in Europe so far.

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Steak'n'Shake, founded in 1934 by Gus Belt, in Normal, Illinois has owned the better burger segment for nearly 80 years. Our Brand strength is demonstrated by U.S. industry leading same store traffic growth over the past four years. With over 550 operating restaurants in the U.S. and opening soon in the United Arab Emirates. The company’s niche is to offer premium burgers at an excellent value and the company’s view of the European market is one that is lacking a gourmet burger chain offering premium burgers at an excellent value.

Steak'n'Shake offers a menu that prepares the finest quality steakburgers, fries and shakes.

  • Their signature steakburgers’ are 100% certified organic with no preservatives, no hormones, no antibiotics – only the top grade of the finest meat.
  • Their hand-cut fries are a customer favourite, with thin and divinely crisp fries which are never frozen and come from the freshest cut of potatoes, rinsed, blanched, par-cooked, cooled, then finally cooked to order.
  • Milkshakes are made the same way they have been for 80 years - all hand dipped, with real milk, combined in a stainless container, blended at our custom shake station, and poured into a tall frosted glass, all topped with whipped cream and a cherry. The definitive quality saw their milkshakes be voted #1 by Zagat.  

In this new century what will set Stake'n'Shake apart from the competition is Biglari Design’s creative drive to provide the finest design and aesthetics in an unmatched luxurious setting, combined with Steak'n'Shake’s commitment to premium, high quality ingredients and distinctive preparation all at low prices.

For these and many other reasons, this 77 year-old classic American brand will continue to maintain its primacy in the industry and to translate its long standing reputation into achieving its goal of opening 1,000 newly franchised restaurants in the U.S. and Internationally – all done in a disciplined manner to ensure sustainability in success.


Biglari Group will build out Steak'n'Shake to ensure fast learning and rapid success by providing support in all areas, including training, menus, products, brands, locations, design, supply chain, training and other functional areas.

Biglari Design provides modular customized restaurant design solutions for its franchisees. This allows franchisees to select from multiple options to best suit their site specific real estate needs. The architectural design is sleek, modern, and suitable for everyone’s enjoyment, offering high-tech ordering systems, bar-like counters, sleek banquets and comfortable lounge seating.

There are no special qualification requirements for franchisees’ and all necessary training will be provided. Also, Steak'n'Shake provides high quality training and high tech operational support.

Steak'n'Shake does not currently have quantitave franchise unit goals of the Baltic region, however they do have a policy on calculating the number of franchise units in related countries.


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