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Kids&Us presents a new concept of studying and a language centre. By using an innovative and new methodology, specifically designed for small children.

There are now 208 centres in Spain, Andorra, Italy, France and Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico and Portugal teaching English to more than 65,000 children using the Kids&Us methodology.

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The Kids&Us method is based on the natural learning process used in any language: listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing.
Using this as a basis, we have established certain premises for in-class application, maximising the potential of each child's learning capabilities:

  1. Exposure to the target language from any early age: Learning a language starts well before any child begins to speak. As such, Kids&Us ensures that children have their first contact with a new language during the first year of their lives.
  2. Rich input: Children are exposed to language on an informal basis from the very first day of their lives; their parents speak it naturally, using a wide range of words and structures. At Kids&Us we work to ensure that children are exposed to the new target language as much as possible - and as such they are treated as potential 'native English speakers'.
  3. Repetition: This is a fundamental procedure in the acquirement of any language and in learning in general. At Kids&Us we have therefore ensured that our classes involve continued exposure and repetition with respect to language use.
  4. Interaction: Without interaction language would not exist. For linguistic acquirement and development children must be given the opportunity to interact with an interlocutor and situations must be created where the need for communication arises. To this end, at Kids&Us, we work with small groups in order to guarantee the interaction of each child with the teacher as well as with other children in the class. Our aim is to ensure that our pupils take an active, participatory role in class and are more than mere spectators.
  5. Stimulation: Exposure to language must always be accompanied by a context full of meaning for the children concerned - as well as by other stimuli. Kids&Us, therefore, works to keep language learning in a context filled with meaning appropriate for children of various ages.


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