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The Rosa Clara Group, a benchmark within the luxury bridal sector, was established in 1995. Since then, the company has experienced exponential growth, multiplying its presence around the world on a yearly basis by means of exclusive shops and multi-brand clients. The Group has acted as a catalyst within the sector, granting priority to concepts involving fashion, design and quality in all its collections.

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Present in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, with more than 140 exclusive brand shops, the company‘s objective is to be present in the main cities throughout the world with Rosa Clará shops. The shops are located in the most important shopping areas of each city and the Corner model (shop-in-shop) is sometimes used in exclusive department stores such as Printemps in Paris or El Palacio del Hierro in Mexico.  

More than 1,000 people work within the ROSA CLARÁ GROUP to fulfil the mission of ensuring every woman feels unique and special. Over 300 people work at the head offices and another 1,000 people work at the shops and within the companies which work for the brand.


There is an increasing market niche which demands “designer” wedding dresses, innovative models created in high-end fabrics. Aware of starting a great adventure, in 1994 Rosa Clará opened a Prêt-à-Porter bridal fashion shop in Barcelona which was to become the origin of what we currently know as the Rosa Clará Group, which has consolidated itself as the first globally renowned bridal brand by being present in the best magazines (Braut&Brautigam, Brides, Bruid&Bruidegom, Caras Portugal, For Lovers, Hello!, Loving You, Mariages, Mariée, Marrions Nous, Sposa, Sposabella, The Knot, Vogue, White,...) and advocated by international celebrities or sought after models.


Aside from an excellent location, the essential element for a successful Rosa Clarį franchise is to have a partner whose thoughts are in line with our company philosophy. We consider our franchisees to be partners in the project. There is no need to have prior experience or a vast knowledge of the bridal sector, but one must have sensitivity towards fashion and an excellent commercial relationship within the city.


  • Payment delay is 120 days after the invoice. 
  • Architecture project and store visit.
  • Always being up-to-date with the latest fashion trends in the world of bridal and cocktail dresses.
  • Offering ample and complete collections.
  • Comprehensive consultancy provided by professionals in relation to placing orders, adapting to the customs of each country and city.
  • Opening team dedicated to different areas within the company: merchandising, window dressing, IT, organisation, training, stock management.
  • Continuous assistance and supervision.
  • Free training regarding customer care, products and sales.
  • The shops are connected to a computer system which allows for on-line ordering, as well as obtaining from the Rosa Clarį Group head office a realtime stock take for each shop and information related to the volume of sales.
  • Continuous advice regarding management, exhibition and sales via a team of professionals at the point of sale itself.
  • Periodic window dressing.
  • PR and advertising.
  • In order to maintain our global image, our communications team provides approval and supervision regarding all advertising plans, as well as PR matters according to the requirements of each city.


  • 2003 - the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year, along with IESE;
  • 2005 - the European Citizens’ Prize - Foro Europa 2001;
  • 2007 - the Prix de la Mode Marie Claire: Prize to the best corporate career;
  • 2009 - Internationalization Prize Barcelona;
  • 2010 - Top Glamour 2010 Latin America;
  • 2011 - IWEC - International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge award presented by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce;
  • 2013 - Mujer Hoy Prize – Woman of the Year; Icon of Style Prize of Vanidades as Bridal Designer;Best Bridal Designer Prize by the Miami Fashion week.
  • 2014 - Internationalization Prize granted by the International Women’s Forum Spain Association.



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