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Pressto is a highly ambitious and leading dry cleaning brand which success business is expanded all around the world. Its original business concept, exclusive Know-How, unique technology, lastest image or creative marketing tools are just some of the key points, which position the brand leader in the international markets.

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Pressto is the leading dry cleaning brand over the five continents, thanks to its original business concept, which approaches to the concept of "Cleaning Boutique" aiming to provide the highest quality to final clients by offering a wide and differenttiated range of cleaning services. Most recent updates reveal that Pressto:

  • Has a total staff of 4000 employees 
  • Operates in 23 countries worldwide
  • 520 outlets (44 company owned)
  • Number of customers - 3 million 
  • Global turnover - 60 million euros
  • International expansion for 18 years  

Pressto operates for 20 years in the market, innovating every day aiming to provide a unique and customized experience in garments care, household items,and complements. Being the most recognized dry and wet cleaning brand due to its quality, fast service, customization and focus on the clients satisfaction.Pressto follows a differentiation and customer focus strategy which is offered to our customers all around the world by means of exclusive services like:

Pressto international expansion comes for 17 years. Nowadays, the success of the brand consolidates the constant growth, as we have recently incorporated new countries like UAE, Oman, Erbil, Jordan or Ghana among others. As such a way, we are taking the corresponding commercial actions in central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, or Turkey.

Accordingly, our background has rewarded us with the market leadership in most of the countries where we currently operates like Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, or Peru among others. Therefore, the Baltic and Belarussian markets present an interesting and unique opportunity for both Pressto and for potential partners that are thinking of becoming a part of the Pressto international family. 


Pressto has the mission to improve the customer’s expectations through offering quality, customized service, differentiation and commitment in the whole cleaningprocess.

Our vision is to be the reference in the sector by offering the most attractive, fast,and affordableservices for cleaning and preservation of garments all over theworld, from a social and respectful commitment.


In PRESSTO we work based on the following VALUES:

  1. Customer service culture.
  2. Involvement and careful listening to our stakeholders.
  3. Continuous investment in R+D
  4. Development of new services, marketing and sales solutions.
  5. Maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the use of means.
  6. Social and environmental commitment.


PRESSTO, with its passion for daily work, culture of innovation, continuous improvement, environmental and social commitment, have launched new BACTERICIDES and ANTI-ALLERGIC programs that allows us to ensure maximum cleanliness consuming minimum resources and preservingthe original condition of the clothes.

Dry-Cleaning with hydrocarbon allows us to exponentially improve the quality of cleaning specialclothing (beading, leather, polyurethane) and treatment of new clothes and accessories (bags, hats ant etc.) at a lower energy cost.


The competitive advantages of Pressto lie in it's complementary business lines (Pressmatic orPresstoPlus), additional services into Pressto stores like (Press TokePress Upholstery, Press Leather and Press Shoes), exclusive TPV software system (which allows total control of the business),tailor-made developments for each store, exclusive online services (mobile apps), or our environmental friendly processes among others, have made Pressto the most awarded franchise in its sector. Among these awards stands out the following:

  • Prize of “Franchise with Greater International Projection”                                            
  • Award for “The Best Customer Experience of 2012
  • Prize for “The best dry cleaning in Doha 2012


Currently, Pressto is in the process of valuation for the search of Master Franchisees in the territory of the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia markets combined into one) and Belarus as a separate market with the aim of becoming a leader in the sector.

The Master Franchise license will allow you to develop the Pressto brand either by own shops (Flagship stores) or as by sub franchiseesing.The proper running where Pressto is currently operating makes us expect a successful operation in the Baltics and Belarus as well.

According to our experience, one of the main key points for developing the Pressto business successfully, it is the proper profile of the Master Franchises who will be involved since the first day into the Pressto business.

The desired profile of a Master Franchisee, should be an entrepreneur with management experience,willing to achieve a prospect project, located in the master area, and able to afford the initial investment for the master franchise project. However, previous experience in the sector is not required.


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