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Area development
Single unit
8 000
2400 € per metus

Short description of the business concept

“La Compagnie Des Petits” was founded in 1991. Since then our brand imposed itself as a leading name in the children's ready-to-wear market. Currently there are more than 200 “La Compagnie Des Petits” stores in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Russia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and other countries. 

Our customers all around the world appreciate our large collections, exceptional quality, exclusive style and excellent value for money associated with our brand. They also have adopted and love our innovative "mix and match" approach that is offered in each theme making up our collections.

Large collections

At “La Compagnie Des Petits”, we offer full range of children shoes, clothing and accessories for boys and girls from 1 month to 12 years old. In our stores, you can find various models of bodysuits and underwear, coats and suits, pants and shorts, sweaters and jackets, dresses and skirts, t-shirts and shirts, swimwear and sleepwear and many more. Topped up with occasional cloth collections our offering satisfies even mostly demanding customers.

Exceptional Quality

At “La Compagnie Des Petits”, our priority is for every child to feel good in our clothes and for every parent to be convinced of the quality of our products. Comfort and practicality govern our styling and we make sure we choose the right materials with care and consideration, offering little tips to make everyone's life easier - every day! Smart cloth design by our French tailors and strict quality control ensure that our clothes are comfortable and healthy to wear.

Exclusive Style

At “La Compagnie Des Petits”, we like the idea that a child can wear all the colors of the rainbow - and they all go perfectly! Every season, we offer fun, brightly colored clothes with lots of details. From powder pink to fuchsia pink, aniseed green to emerald green, straw yellow to sun yellow and poppy red to crimson red. In every one of our collections, you will find each color as bright and fun as the next, to go perfectly with the personality of our dear little ones!

Mix and Match

At “La Compagnie des Petits”, we love offering you mix and match clothes that all go together! In each theme, a great number of combinations are possible to create the ideal look. For those who need an inspiration we provide large variety of clothing sets that have already been mixed in accordance with specific theme, for example, “Wild and Rock”, Bohemian Cargo”, “New York in the City”, “So British” and many more.

Value for money

At “La Compagnie Des Petits”, we care about our customers and understand that satisfying needs of demanding young princesses and princes might be costly. That is why we designed our pricing to provide our clients with the opportunity to make their kids happy without spending a fortune. Our prices are in a bottom part of middle price range. While ensuring high quality and exceptional design, we offer garments that are affordable for larger part of society.  


Franchise information

Information about the franchise:

“La Compagnie des Petits” is looking for single-unit and multi-unit franchisees in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. You can find all major conditions of franchise partnership below. Please, be informed that almost all requirements can be flexible and might be adjusted to the needs of promising franchisee.


Every store is designed to enhance the fun and brightly colored collections. Particular attention is paid to merchandising to reinforce this enhancement. Characteristics of the Store:

  • Located in towns from 100000 inhabitants in a premium location on the high street or in a shopping center.
  • Sales area from 60 - 80 m² plus a stock room of 15 - 20 m².
  • A white facade boosted by the colored sign and Semi-open window displays bringing light and brightness to the store.
  • Store appeal: the little red car, the fun logo of La Compagnie des Petits, to entertain children.
  • Modular furniture and wall partitions create breaks for an overall look.
  • Specific lighting adds to the convivial atmosphere and "boutique" spirit dear to La Compagnie des Petits.


  • Two main collections per year: around 1100 units, 7-13 themes and 4 age groups in each collection. 
  • Underwear collection (daytime and nighttime) is constant throughout the year.
  • Flexible ordering policy: pre-order (reservation) is due 1- 2 month before the beginning of the new season, modification of the order is available throughout all season. 
  • Pre-payment is due for each shipment during the season.
  • Average balance in the end of the season is about 10% of the ordered units.   

Business operation support

We want to see our franchisees happy and transposing this happiness to our clients. Therefore, we provide our franchisees with help and assistance necessary for smooth opening and operating of the store. Major elements of our support:

  • A "turnkey" concept: supply of computer equipment, POS software and installation by our dedicated in-house team, supply of all marketing and communication tools, complete assistance and support for opening, store set-up and on the opening day.
  • In-store training (mostly practical) and/or supported by a course at head office (theory).
  • Permanent support and advice in sales, merchandising, marketing and communication.
  • Frequent visits and support from the regional manager and staff from “La Compagnie des Petits”.
  • Regular discussions with the network manager at meetings.

Marketing support

“La Compagnie des Petits” implements high-impact, distinctive marketing and communication actions for points of sale and on an institutional level. A broad range of tools helps create loyalty and win over new customers. These tools confirm our reputation and boost our brand image with the public:

  • Advertising campaigns on the web and in the press.
  • Competitions and partnerships.
  • A seasonal collection catalogue.
  • In-store promotions and events combined with suitable in-store advertising.
  • Specific direct marketing actions (active loyalty programme, kids' gifts, etc.).
  • Local advertising (openings, specific events etc.) on the radio, posters, press, leaflets and many more.

Financial information

  • Initial franchise fee is 8000 € per country. This fee covers the rights to open and operate “La Compagnie des Petits” stores within one country. If you are planning to open more than one store within the country, the initial franchise fee will be paid only once.
  • Starter pack fee is 3000 € per store. This fee covers starter pack (racks, hangers, mannequins etc.) for opening of the store that will be provided by the franchisor. 
  • Annual brand royalty is 2400 € per store.
  • Total investment for 60-80 m² store is from 50000 € to 75000 €. Final amount of investment depends on the size of the store and its condition.
  • Average investment payback period is around 2 years (this estimation is based on the financial KPIs of the existing stores and may be different for your specific business).   


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