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Freshii - the fast casual franchise leader for healthy lifestyles!

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Eat. Energize. That's the Freshii motto. Our aim is to provide fresh ant nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go. Emphasizing the foods you should eat more of and less on those you should avoid, Freshii provides meals and snacks that help you live your best life. With a diverse and completely customizable menu of breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, frozen yogurt, juices and smoothies served in an eco-friendly environment, Freshii caters to every dietary preference and type of taste buds. 


  • Everything you take from the store either biodegrades naturally to the earth or is easilly recyclable
  • Shaking your meal in a biodegradable bad means we produce 5 to 7 times less of a carbon footprint than running even the most energy efficient dishwasher
  • Most of our packaging is made of eco-friendly vegetable starches, like corn or potatoes. It biodegrades quickly, leaving behind only carbon dioxide, biomass and water. 
  • As we grow, are stores are built smaller to use less materials, use more eco-friendly materials, consume less energy and to take less from the Earth. 
  • Our setup is simple: No energy-hungry dishwashers, hoods, ranges and ovens. 
  • We make use of online and mobile ordering and paperless marketing. 
  • We use only eco-friendly, natural cleaning products. 


Today there are over 160 Freshii restaurants globally in Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dubai, Vienna, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala and 60+ cities and 13 countries around the world with 2 new openings every week! Freshii restaurants can be found in all types of locations from cosmopolitan cities, malls, college campuses, suburb neighborhoods, fitness clubs, airports and small towns. Currently we are searching for franchise partners in the Baltics and Belarus that share our passion for healthy food and healthy lifestyle! 


Our team has worked extremely hard to create a system for Freshii that can be easily scaled across the world. We have addressed all areas of the Freshii business model – site selection, supply chain, cost control, build-out timing, marketing and buzz creation - to ensure that each market can be easily opened, rapidly grown, and successfully and profitably operated. Our goal is to expand worldwide by teaming with passionate partners who share in our mission to establish Freshii as the most convenient destination for healthy meals and snacks, served quickly while maintaining the highest quality of service and style.


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